plant medicines

I’m going to put stuff here pertaining to natural cures. This is exciting for me to be going into this seriously. This knowledge has been around for as long as people have been on this planet. It is the most ancient of knowledge. And the most valuable.

It’s being kept and passed on across generations by very wise people who know that nature has a cure for everything.

The synthetic drugs are only about making lots of money and they don’t cure anything. Western medicine is good for only emergency conditions, otherwise it is no good at all.

Long term conditions always require a natural cure. Using roots, plants and herbs.

CHINESE MEDICINE:     The Three Treasures of The Human Body are: Jing (Essence), Chi (Vitality), and Shen (Spirit). The Taoist tradition, which is at the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine states, “There are Three Treasures that in effect constitute our life. These are known as Jing, Chi and Shen.”

Western medicine is obviously FOR PROFIT medicine, which means it is a business, and seeks to make money first. The value of healing comes in SECOND with for-profit medicine. Many drugs are prescribed because they MAKE A TON OF MONEY. Not because they cure. Usually these drugs don’t cure, they only mask symptoms and they cause harmful side effects. For real curing, you have to go to the natural healer who uses roots and plants. 

The ultimate goal of the Herbal Doctor is to cultivate, balance and expand the Three Treasures attempting to harmonize all aspects of one’s being. This is best accomplished by focusing one’s attention on the Three Treasures. There are no exact translations for the terms Jing, Qi and Shen into English. They are generally translated, though, as Essence, Vitality and Spirit. Here the understanding of each of The Three.

Jing:”The Superior Treasure” existed before the body existed. It enters the body tissues and becomes the root of our lives. It is this very essence that defines what we are and who we are, also what and who we will produce. This is why it is associated with our development and also our sexual energy. We must take care of our jing throughout our lives or we will die. Note: Can you see how this relates to our western understanding of DNA?

Qi or “Chi”: This is God’s created living energy that empowers us to live, breath, and do all our voluntary actions. We cannot create it but we can use it to the fullest and keep its pathways within our temples (bodies) clean. It enters us in the form of “Heaven Chi” through the nose as we breathe and circulates through the twelve meridians nourishing all our vital organs keeping them held firmly in place as long as we take care of ourselves.

Note: Chi is vaguely beginning to be “accepted” in the west but it must be recognized as a “chain reaction of energy” in the body and its path (the 12 meridians) and must be taken seriously (mapped out on medical charts) and not fouled up with “science” trying to relate it to western thought!

Shen:This is a combination of our mind and spirit. It is developed by both our Jing and our Chi. It gives us our will and our conscience. Our Shen depends on a healthy Jing and healthy free flowing Chi to make the right decisions in life and to contribute to the world and to our creator.

The Three Treasures Are Often Likened To A Candle in the Dark:

The Jing or Life Root of the body is like the candle wick and wax. They existed before the body of the flame did and they are made from the elements which are actually condensed energy which is God’s own creation.

The flame of the candle is exactly like Chi. This is the energetic living activity of the candle which will last a good long time if kept from wind and rain or other outside disturbances but it will always eventually burn itself out. It can, however be made to burn a much longer time if the right wax materials are added as it burns.

The glowing light that the candle radiates is the Shen. The better the quality of wick, wax, and other materials, the greater the flame; and the greater the flame, the greater light the candle radiates. The more light the candle radiates, the more people are not in darkness. The more people are not in darkness, the better the world!


There is a small grouping of herbs called The Superior Herbs. These are the true tonic herbs. Although everyone is different in their balances of Yin, Yang, Chi, Jing, Shen, Blood, Heat, Moisture, and other factors, This group of Superior Herbs are those herbs that can benefit just about anyone.

The Superior Class of herbs are called ‘The Rulers’. They control the maintenance of life in general. These Superior Herbs are not considered to be ‘medicinal’ in the usual sense of the word. They are not used to treat specific diseases or disorders, yet such things as Week Sore Knees, Poor Eyesight, Low Sexual Energy, Impotence and Infertility, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity …  etc …