Eliminates Stones in the Kidneys in a Simple, Natural Way Just by Taking This …

The health of our body is essential to maintain a good quality of life, for this reason, we must be alert to certain conditions or symptoms that may complicate our well-being or that of our family.
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Kidney stones or better known as kidney stones is one of the most frequent and painful conditions that exist today. If they are treated in time, they can be combated in a simple way with some medications, but if the proper attention is not paid they can worsen the patient’s condition.

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This time we recommend a very delicious drink capable of eliminating kidney stones in a few days. Before sharing the recipe it is important to identify some of the most frequent symptoms of kidney stones, they can regularly identify with the following symptoms: severe pain, pain located in the abdomen or on the side of the back, chills, nausea, vomiting, fever, abnormal color in the urine and even blood.

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To prepare the drink that will help you clean your body you need the following ingredients.

-2 Cucumbers
-Mint leaves
-1 liter of water
-Bee honey to taste
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To prepare it to mix all the ingredients in the blender (includes the cucumber with everything and shell) once all the ingredients are integrated you can serve the drink in a glass. The recommendation is to drink it preferably after breakfast or 30 minutes before each main meal.

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